We are called, through our Baptism, to live in and by the Presence of Christ in Word and Sacrament. Through His call we live, gratefully, the life God has given us and proclaim the Good News through our word and deed.

SUNDAY MASS: Saturday Vigil; 5.30pm    Sunday: 9.30am & 11.00am
   Sunday Readings: PENTECOST SUNDAY
WEEKDAY MASS: Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00am
Weekday Readings: 10th Week of Ordinary Time: Year 2
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Tuesday–Friday: 9.00-9.30am
PENANCE & RECONCILIATION: Saturday: 10.30am (in the Cry Chapel) & on request.
Divine Office: 10th Week of Ordinary Time    Psalms: Week 2
       Baptism: Sunday after 11.00am Mass
Marriage: Please give at least 6 month’s notice of Marriage.

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Conclusion of the Easter Season.

The Ordinary Time of the Church’s Year  is devoted to the unfolding of the Mystery of Christ in all its aspects. Green is the colour of the season. Our Sunday readings are from Year C, the year of Luke, and our weekday readings from Year 2. We take up Ordinary Time again with  Week 10.

Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00am

Today’s Liturgy: We see the contrast in the disciples before and after Pentecost. Before, they are afraid and unsure, they lack perception, understanding and wisdom. The coming of the Holy spirit changed them into fearless preachers and evangelists. We receive the Holy Spirit today. It can change us too, it can stoke the fire of divine love in us and make us courageous witnesses to the Gospel.


  • We remind you NOT to attend Mass or Liturgies if you are carrying an infection or have the symptoms of Covid.

  • It is no longer obligatory to wear a face covering in Church.

Please remember to respect each other’s right to decide whether or not to continue doing so.

The following measures will still remain in place:

  • We encourage you to continue to be aware of those around about you, especially those who may be more vulnerable.

Cry Chapel: Please do not sit in the cry chapel for Mass as it is a restricted space. If a baby is crying at Mass, you might take the baby to the cry chapel to settle down, but otherwise, please sit in the main church.